Getting started

We are working hard at volgio to create a network where nonprofits or those with noble causes can join together and support each other's missions. We offer online signups, event creation, and many other custom cloud based features that will help your organization link together with others, bring in donations, and help locate enthusiastic supporters. Together we hope that we can create a voice for nonprofits and find not only local support but national as well.

Volunteer Managers:

Creating and listing your organization will increase the number of potential supporters who will become aware of your organization and its mission. This public awareness is important for developing your mission and gaining charitable support. While these indirect effects may be highly valuable to your organization, the functionality of our free services cannot be overstated. Throughout our development, we consulted with hundreds of organization leaders around the country to determine exactly what unique issues volunteer manager’s face. We are confident that we have produced the most comprehensive volunteer management software available.

When creating your organization, you have the option to classify it as either public or private. Private organizations can only be joined by email invitation while public organizations are open to any users of

There is no limit to the number of members that can join your organization. When a user becomes a member of your organization, they will be notified of events or signups created on a custom calendar, and be able to track and join them. As the administrator, you have full control of this feature, with the ability to promote users to administrators so they can create events for your organization. This is a valuable feature, especially for larger organizations with various subgroups, or as an easy method of transferring leadership. In addition, there are many other volunteer management features provided, such as time commitment tracking, custom questionnaires, and member surveys.

We do review new organizations to be certain that they are up to our standards and demonstrate a solid commitment to the community. We prefer that you add a link to your website or provide contact information in the description so that volunteers and our staff can gain a better understanding of your organization's mission. Once you create an organization, a link will be generated that you can copy and email to prospective members. The link will guide them through the process of joining your organization and the events you create.

Excellent. We are glad to see that you have successfully completed the first step of your journey with us. Volgio offers advanced features, such as promoting members to administrators for your organization. Administrators have all the privileges that you have (creating events, accepting/rejecting new members, emailing URLs) except deleting the organization or promoting other administrators. If an administrator is no longer able to carry out their duties, you can return them to simple member status.

After creating your organization, the first step is to send the link to your current supporters. Once you have a few members following your organization, then it is time to create signups, fundraisers, or any other events that will support your mission. Events can be listed as public or private. Public events are viewable by all users whereas private are only seen by your organization members.

Absolutely 100% free. We do not charge our non-profit organizations for this service. We sustain our development programs by charitable donations only.